Artist’s Profile


A Passion for Arts and Technology

To fulfill an obvious need to create, I experimented various techniques, among others: painting, stained-glass, screenprinting, monotype, collagraphy, batik, encaustic art, collages, digital photography, computer graphics and multimedia.These techniques are mixed influences which complement each other very well. As an example, using my camera to capture a texture can lead me to make a drawing on the computer which, in turn, can inspire me to paint.

My digital creation process is now the perfect link between my drawings, acrylic paintings and photographs.

Honors and Prizes

  • 2018 – «Bourse de reconnaissance en culture» given by the City of Boucherville.
  • 2017 – «Mention of Honor with grant» attributed by Musée des beaux-arts of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.
  • 2017 – Winner of the contest «Créer l’espace» attributed by Harden Group.
  • 2013 – My collection of digital art was chosen by a jury to join a prestigious art gallery of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, following a competition called « Agents looking for talents » that attracted 400 artists.
  • 2012 – Second prize with grant  in Non Figurative Art attributed in a event named «Exposition-concours des peintres membres de AAPARS».
  • 2012 – Second prize in Visual Art with grant attributed by the «Conseil des arts de Boucherville» as I was participating in an Art Fair called «Symposium Arts et jardins».
  • 2007 – Gold medal in abstract art given by the Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec (CAPSQ) at an annual Competition.



Photo Credit: Denis Lavoie